W250 50x25mm 28G WIRE WHEEL 28044655

by Dixbro
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250 x 50mm 25mm bore 28 gauge Wire Wheel

MSFS (RPM)3600

Provides an economical brushing tool of medium fill density for general brushing
- Medium flexibility and aggressive cutting action
- The product will minimize brush changeover due to wear, as the product has been specifically designed for long life brushing
- The product places The greatest number of Wire tips on the work surface for fast cutting action and long life - brushes Can be used singularly or stacked in multiples. create a wide-face brushing tool by stacking a series of brushes, eliminating the need to have a specialized brushing tool designed

- Largely used on a bench grinder
- Flash removal – plastic and rubber, Steel parts
- edge blending
- Deburring
- surface preparation prior to plating or painting
- cleaning of paint, Rust, dirt and scale
- Roughening for adhesion
- Finishing for appearance

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