Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge And Probe

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Accuracy ±(1%H + 0.1)mm, where H is thickness being measured
Brand Wilson
Display 999.9
Measuring Range 1.2mm to 225mm (with 5MHZ probe*), minimum 3mm thickness x 20mm dia (Steel Pipes)
Memory 10 readings
Sound Velocity Range 1000 - 9999 m/s.  Sound velocity of 5 different materials can be stored.
A hand held gauge with separate transducer that displays in metric & english units, suitable for metal, glass and homogenous plastics, supplied complete in case with 5MHz 10mm diameter straight transducer, ultrasonic couplant, batteries (2 x AAA), and integrated 4mm test piece.
* Other probes available on indent to give ranges from .75 to 300mm.
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