Synthetic Coolant 200 Litre Drum Foxx Extend Plus

$1,977.49 excl GST

A fully synthetic clear, low pH, metalworking fluid with technology that greatly improves machining and grinding performance and productivity by optimising lubrication and cooling functions.  Can be used for heavy to severe grinding and machining (including deep hole drilling and roll form tapping on aluminium and some steels).

Suitable for use on many grades of aluminium alloys including surface stain resistance, carbon and stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys (excluding magnesium alloys). Low misting and foaming, excellent rancidity control and high tramp oil rejection.

Refractometer Factor:  1.6

Dilution:  Grinding 5-10%, Machining 5-10%

Mineral Oil in Concentrate:  Nil
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