S208-100D 20 - 100Nm TORQUE WRENCH C/w S.372V - 1/2" Sq Drive Ratchet

by Facom
$494.25 excl GST
Facom S.208-100D Click-Type Torque Wrench With 9x12mm attachment 20-100Nm
Accuracy: ± 4%.
Reliability of mechanism 25 000 cycles.
End fitting: 9 x 12 or 14 x 18 mm for accessories (ratchets, polygon and open end bits).
One-way wrenches usable for unscrewing by reversing the bits.
Sensitive and sound click when reaching torque.
Automatic reset.
Supplied with ISO 6789 calibration certificate.
Supplied in plastic protection tube.
Length: 396mm.
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