P.I. 1200-1500mm Diameter Tape

$555.01 excl GST
Accuracy ±0.03 mm
Brand PI-Tape
Material Steel
Measurement Range 1200 to 1500 mm
Measurement System Metric
Product Type Periphery Tape
Thickness 0.25 mm
Vemier Width 6.35 mm
Width 12.7 mm

The P.I. diameter tape, or periphery tape as it is sometimes called, is used for measuring external or internal diameters - large of small - with accuracy; eliminating numerous micrometer or caliper readings and then finding the average of these by adding and dividing. Only one reading is necessary for both round and out of round diameters.
The large vernier reading is easily read to .001" or .01mm and each tape is checked on masters with certified accuracy of 0.03mm. By placing the tape around the outside circumference, diameters are read directly, but for internal diameters twice the tape thickness has to be subtracted. Small tapes are 0.15mm thick and larger 0.25mm.

Diameter : 1200-1500mm
Body : 12.7mm (Width)

Other metric sizes and imperial sizes available on indent.
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