Photo / Contact Tachometer

$199.00 excl GST
Photo, consisting of a laser light beam & reflecting tape; & contact, consisting of male & female contact cones plus surface speed disc... all in the one instrument.

Photo Tachometer : 5 to 999,999rpm
Sensing Distance : Up to 1M, depending on light conditions
Contact Tachometer :  0.5 to 19,999 rpm, surface speed M/min or ft/min
Display : Large 20mm LCD, 5 digit
Memory : Last; minimum; maximum
Resolution : 0.1 rpm up to 1000 rpm; otherwise 1 rpm, 0.01m/min up to 100m/min; otherwise 0.1m/min
Accuracy : ± 0.05% + 1 digit

Note : Spare contact sets are available for above. Code LUT2998

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