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Compatible with other controllers of USA origin, these quality, simple to set up and use controllers feature:

  • Fully self-tuning, microprocessor-based PID control.

  • AccuComp Cycle power drive for reliable and precise control.

  • Zero crossing triac triggering for minimum RFI.

  • Automatic Ramp Start to prolong heater life.

  • Process temperature readout operation even in manual mode as long as the thermocouple (T/C) is intact.

  • Automatic T/C break protection and cold junction compensation.

  • High impedance potentiometric input allows long distance T/C wiring.

  • High voltage T/C input circuit protection.

  • Computes all desired Adjustments instantaneously.

  • Remembers final set point and manual power setting after 3 seconds.

  • Set point lock feature.

  • Automatic T/C break hold.

  • Data communications with Interface Module and IBM PC or compatible.

  • Touch key pad controls.

  • 100% solid state circuitry, no mechanical relays.

  • Completely self contained, no external output devices or power supplies required.

  • Fast acting fuses are provided on both sides of the AC line.

  • Electrically isolated with grounded front panel for operator safety.

  • Plug-in design for module interchangeability.

  • Sealed front control panel.

  • Accuracy with 0.5°C.

  • Two year warranty.

Single Zone
230V x 50 cycle x 10amp cable input and 5 pin output plug for connection to the heater and thermocouple.

Twin Zone
230V x 50 cycle x 10amp per zone, these have clamp-in input and two 5 pin outputs.

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