50210 M10 Fixture Clamp Mitee-Bite (Pkts Of 10)

$99.23 excl GST

Uses simple cam action for fast strong clamping during milling/drilling/grinding etc.
The unique clamping principle is based on two simple components, a hardened steel socket cap screw & a brass hexagonal washer. The screw head is offset to provide the cam action. As the screw is turned, the washer is moved in the direction of the cam, exerting a strong lateral force that can be applied in any direction. Simply screw into hole until tight, back of approximately 1-1½ turns, insert part and tighten clamp.

Consider some of these features:
Take little space and very low profile.
Washer is made of brass so that your cutter never gets damaged.
Washer is six sided so if one side gets damaged, simply turn the hex.
Very quick clamping; half a turn provides between 1 & 2.5mm movement.
Simple & reasonable price.
For multiple part fixture clamping consisting of the brass washer & steel cap screw. 
Screw Size x Length: M10 x 1.5 x 20mm
Hex Height: 6.35mm
Maximum Holding Force: 890k

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