Machine Vice Low Profile Set T500 2 Pce Fixed 67x109mm Moving 67x150mm 27mm High

by Carver
$1,070.57 excl GST
Bolt Size M12
Fixed Abutment (W x L) 67 x 109 mm
Horizontal Force  2250 kg
Jaw Height 27 mm
Moving Abutment (W x L) 67 x 150 mm
Vertical Force 900 kg

For grinding and milling without having strap clamps etc hindering the machining. Operates on 2 planes: horizontal - jaws tighten on work, vertical - holding work to table. Sold in sets consisting of a fixed and a moving abutment.
Force (kg): 2250kg (Horiz), 900kg (Vert)
Height: 27mm (Jaw)
Bolt Size: M12
Fixed Abutment (W x L): 67 x 109mm
Moving Abutment (W x L): 67 x 150mm

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