Rule 300mm/12" Rigid Insize 7110-300

by Insize
$4.95 excl GST
Accuracy ±0.15 mm
Brand Insize
Graduation 1/64"; 1/32"; 1/16"; 0.5 mm; 1 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Measurement Range 300 mm; 12"
Measurement System Imperial; Metric
Overall Length 330 mm
Product Type Steel Rule
Series/List 7110
Thickness 1 mm
Width 25 mm
Of highest quality and accuracy, or rustless steel, satin chrome finish.
One square end, one round end
Graduation : CC
1st Edge : 1/2mm
2nd Edge : 32nds
3rd Edge : 1/2mm
4th Edge : 32nds
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