25-50mm Screw Thread Micrometer Insize 3281-50A

by Insize
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Brand Insize
Graduation 0.01 mm
Handle Diameter 18 mm
Jaw Length 67 mm
Measurement Range 25 to 50 mm
Measurement System Metric
Product Type Screw Thread Micrometer
Series/List 3281
Throat Depth 38 mm
Insize Micrometer Screw Thread 25-50 W/O Tips INSIZE Screw Thread micrometers are suitable for measuring pitch diameters of Metric, Whitworth and Unified screw threads. NOT SUPPLIED with measuring tips (sold separately) Measuring tips (code 7381) Measure pitch diameter of screw threads Graduation 0.01mm Non-rotating spindle Ratchet stop 3281-25A
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