Insize Dial Test Indicator 0.8mm Travel

by Insize
$103.95 excl GST
Accuracy 13 µm
Brand Insize
Dial Diameter 37 mm
Dial Reading 0-40-0
Graduation 0.01 mm
Material Carbide
Measurement Range 0.8 mm
Measurement System Metric
Product Type Dial Indicator
Series/List 2381
Standards Met DIN 875
Jeweled bearing carbide contact point. Two measuring directions. Anti-magnetic body.
Optional Accessory: Styli supplied with two clamps. 
Diameter: Ø4mm and Ø8mm
Dial Diameter: 37mm
Range: 0.8mm
Graduation: 0.01mm
Accuracy: 3µm Dial reading 0-40-0 2381-08
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