Insize 300mm/12" Combination Set

by Insize
$198.33 excl GST

4 Piece Set Centre Head: To locate center of cylinder with diameter (Ød): 30 - 100mm Accuracy: +/-0.15mm
Protractor Head: To set the blade at desired angle to an edge of a work piece, and can be used to measure angles.
Range: 0-180 degrees Accuracy: +/-7min
Square Head: To set the blade at 90° or 45° to an edge of a work piece.
Accuracy: +/- 8min for 90° Square, +/-10min for 45° Square
Range: 300mm/12", Graduation: 0.5mm and 1/32" on front face, 1mm and 1/64" on back face
Optional Accessory: Rigid rule (Code 7113) 2278-180

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