Emulsion Mixer A-900/301001

$405.76 excl GST
Brand Nimatic
Product Type Emulsion Mixer
Constructed from aluminium (but also available in brass & stainless steel), the Nimatic emulsion mixer ensures a correct & uniform blending of metal cutting fluids or other liquids, which have to be mixed with water.
The mixer is cost saving and extremely easy to install and operate. The mixer operates through the water pressure only. Just turn on the water supply when re-filling your machines.

Savings up to 30% on cutting fluids.
Reduces labour cost compared to manual blending.
Simple installation and easy to operate.
Durable and reliable - long lifetime.
Continuous Adjustment of additive mix.
Drop shaped dosing aperture (very exact low-level doses).
The lower threaded adaptor fits all standard drums.
Unique nozzle/jet system that prevents blocking.
Supplied with two ball check valves to prevent faulty operation (water-suction pipe).
Flow up to 900/2,000 litres/hour.Mixing ratio from 0 to approx.16%
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