Edge Finder Ceramic Non-Magnetic WH-1010 10mm Dia x 86mm Long

by Ann Way
$96.76 excl GST
Accuracy 0.01 mm
Body Diameter 10 mm
Brand Ann Way
Contact Diameter 10 mm
Measurement System Metric
Number of Sides Single
Overall Length 86 mm
Product Type Edge Finder
Series/List WH
Weight 0.05 kg
Mechanical - Hardened ground and lapped to close tolerances, the edge finder is placed in a chuck and the work table is then traversed to make contact between the rotating edge finder and the work. Contact will shift to a concentric position relative to the body and with very slight additional movement this will move off centre with a decided wobble.At this point the centre of the finder is exactly one-half the diameter of the contact from the work edge. Accuracy 0.01mm. The ceramic contact type option means the finder is unaffected by magnetism.

Description : Single Ended
Body Diameter  : 10mm
Contact Diameter  : 10mm dia ceramic
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