Drivers Glove 50/50 Cowhide XL LGDR4

by Armour
$9.76 excl GST

There are basically 2 types of leather - split leather and grain leather. Grain leather is soft and and used
primarily in upholstery. Split leather is rougher and not as plyable. These gloves have "A" grade cowhide grain leather on the palm, thumb and forefinger. The remainder of the glove is made of split leather. This helps keep the cost of the glove down while providing the softness and pleasant feel of the grain leather where it matters - on the palm and fingertips. We are also told by many users that the rougher split leather back holds sparks etc up off the glove. The glove is double stitched for durability and has an elastic band sewn into the back to keep the glove on the hand.

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