DK2-VT-S Vise Clamps Smooth Jaws 42 - 49mm Range

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Operating Principle
OK-VISE low-profile clamps function on the principle that when tightened down they expand, simultaneously pressing the work pieces against the guide and preventing any possibility of play. These clamps are designed to fit between the work pieces and take very little space on the fastening base. Small in size, yet possessing an excellent clamping force up to 150kN, these clamps guarantee a holding capacity which clearly exceeds the load imposed by machining forces.
A Core Component of any Modern Workholding System
OK-VISE low-profile clamps adapt optimally to any system. They fit into grid pattern systems, T-slot  tables, serrated rails, and many other platforms. Additionally, the most economical fixtures can be built by using OK-VISE low-profile clamps on machinable plates. OK-Vise clamps are suitable for three-directional machining, 5-axis machining & many other modern machining methods.
Absolute Stability
The key feature of the OK-VISE low-profile clamp is its cross-wedge structure in both the horizontal and vertical planes, which means that the clamp is locked firmly in every direction as it is tightened down. This eliminates all possibilities of measurement error due to sliding.
Small in Size - Giant Performance
Low-profile clamps do not require as much space as traditional machine vises. This leads to efficient use of the machinable area, savings in tool changes, less operator interventions, and ultimately to extended cycle times while reducing machine downtime.
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