Dial Test Indicator Horizontal Range 0.2mm x .002 Graduations, 37mm Face

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$217.28 excl GST
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Swiss quality, high sensitivity repeatability and accuracy; durable and reliable; unaffected by magnetic fields; automatic reversal types which are fully jewelled with completely independent movement; supplied in case with carbide contact point (12mm stylus length modules only) and 8mm dia dovetail stem. The ultimate indicator at very reasonable prices. Additionally ruby stylii are stocked, making them ideally suited for EDM work.

Dial Diameter : 37mm
Stylus Length : 12mm
Graduation : .01mm
Range : 0.8mm
Carbide Stylus Diameter : 1, 2*, 3mm*
Ruby Stylus diameter : 1 or 2mm 
* Supplied as standard

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