200mm Autowell Long Power Vise

$2,720.00 excl GST
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These mechanical horizontal vises also feature an adjustable anti-lift jaw mechanism plus the standard jaws are higher than normal. Machineable jaw plates are also available as an option. Made from ductile iron with hardened bedways and with a chip cover to protect the lead screw. High guaranteed accuracy allows vise interchangeability.

Jaw Width : 200mm
Inside Jaws x Jaw Height mm : 58 x 367mm
Outside Jaw Height x Opening mm : 73 x 581mm
Overall Length (Ex Handle) : 713mm

Note : Has mechanical booster for higher clamp forces.
Accuracies (per 100mm)
Parallelism: Running face to base = ± .01mm
Squareness: Running face to fixed jaw = ± .03mm
Parallelism & Squareness: Fixed jaw to base keyway = ± .02mm

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