Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

To set up My Account, click on My Account. There are three scenarios:
  1. Customers who are new to the website and Industrial Tooling, simply register and enter the required information when prompted.
  2. Previously registered users: simply select My Account/Login and enter user name and password, and click on login.
  3. Existing Industrial Tooling Trade Account holders: If you have previously used to order online and charge your trading account you will need to reactivate your login. Select Login, enter your email address and use the forgot my password link. You will then be emailed a reactivation link. Alternatively, contact our customer service team at, or call (09) 620 4169 and we’ll get you linked up again.
To edit bill-to information call Customer Support at (09) 620 4169. For security reasons, customer account information cannot be edited by anyone other than a Customer Support Representative.
If someone leaves the company, the company account administrator should deactivate the user on the account by calling Customer Support at (09) 620 4169.


The search box was designed to help you search quickly and easily using keywords, Industrial Tooling part numbers and brands.
The Auto Search Suggestions feature was designed to provide suggestions as you type. If you do not see your search term in our drop-down box you can just click 'Go' when you are done to search using your own term.
If your search criteria no longer match one of our pre-determined search suggestions, the type ahead drop down will disappear. You can continue entering your search term and click 'Go' when you are done.
Our customer service team is always available to assist you with any issues you are having with our site. They can be reached at (09) 620 4169, or email us at to contact a NZ based representative.

Shopping Carts

To edit the quantity of an item after it is in the cart, click in the quantity drop down box and select the quantity from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you may select “10+” from the drop down which will convert the field into a text box. You may enter your required amount by typing the actual number on the box. Total amount is automatically updated as you change the quantities. If you are in the checkout process, select the Shopping Cart link (upper left) to modify the cart. If you selected Order Now, the order has already had already been processed. Please contact customer service at (09) 620 4169 to discuss the modifications.
Although rare, the price you were charged may be different than what was in the cart because prices are continuously updated; therefore, it is possible that the price you were charged was either higher or lower than the price that was displayed in the Shopping Cart.
To clear a cart, click on the Clear Cart link under the Options menu. At the prompt, 'Are you sure you want to clear this cart?' click Yes (click No to exit without clearing).
Unfortunately, this feature is not available at this time.
In order to meet our same day shipping target, every order is processed immediately, leaving a very short window of time to make changes. Please contact us immediately at customer service at (09) 620 4169.

Credit Cards

Credit card numbers are secure because uses 128-bit encryption while transmitting secure information, ensuring the highest level of security.
Credit Card information is protected using secure socket layer (SSL) for the encryption of transactions. During transmission, it encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone except the account holder.
To add a credit card to the account, select My Account in the Top Navigation bar of the home page. From the My Account page, select Billing Information from the left-hand navigation options and then click on the "Add a New Credit Card" button to store your credit card information. You can set this as your default payment method for checkout.
Credit card numbers can be deleted by selecting Billing Information from the My Account Screen and clicking on "Delete Credit Card" next to the card you want to remove.
The option to store credit card information is available on the website from the Billing Information section on the My Account page.
There is no limitation on the number of credit cards that can be stored.
A company credit card is a card that all contacts in the company have access to. In the Credit Card section of the Billing Information page, the credit card will be displayed as "Shared: Yes".
Yes, all users see the company credit card, but only the last four digits.
The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We also accept Procurement Cards.


You may order using any of the following methods:
  • Call us: (09) 620 4169
  • Visit one of our branch locations
  • Talk to one of our sales representative
  • Send us an e-mail: *
* This e-mail address is not securely setup to receive credit card information. For your protection please do not send any sensitive information including credit card numbers. Give us a call or place your order online instead.
Purchase orders number can be added at the Shopping Cart page just below the list of products you want to order.
If you are ordering from, or ultimately shipping to an international location, please discuss your requirements via an email to
Once you've placed an order, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order. You may also use the Order History link from the My Account page.
You will receive an order confirmation through e-mail. After your order has shipped, you will receive the shipping details through e-mail also.
To check on the status of an order, go to the My Account page and search within the Order History.
If you do not receive an acknowledgment, there are several potential reasons: Your e-mail address may not be correct in our system. To verify this, go to your My Account page in the Header and verify that the e-mail address is correct. Spam filtering - check with your IT department to ensure that e-mail from Industrial Tooling is not being stopped by a spam filter.
Your existing Trade account can be linked to the web store so you can purchase online without the use of a credit card. Contact our admin to arrange at or call (09) 620 4169.